Wednesday, January 16, 2019

2018 in Review

Whew! 2018 is finally over, and it feels a little surreal. So much happened in our lives—we started up our online shop, House of Silver. Now it’s the new year, we can finally relax and take a look at some of the best things about 2018. Today we’ll be looking at what was going on in the jewellery world last year. What were the big trends? Which were your favourites?


2018 was, most of all, fun. We had a great time watching jewellery going big and bold, with designers following the trends that came onto the runway in late 2017. But if some of these were a little impractical, we were also excited to see the return of some classic retro styles that have been gone far too long.

On our side, we introduced some fabulous collections and new pieces that fit the bill. Let’s have a look at some of the dominant trends and some of our favourite pieces—plus some new items we were excited to get into our shop to match the growing demand.

While the news is getting grimmer by the day, it’s wonderful to use jewellery to inject some colour back into your life. One particular favourite of ours was some gorgeous jewellery that utilized a range of coloured gems to bring brightness and cheer back into fashion. Some people were afraid that this trend was going to be a little too controversial, but its popularity has proved that it sets just the right mood for this day and age.

Faceted Blue Cubic Zirconia Pull Through Earrings

At the same time, 2018 also saw a return to some classic retro styles. Particularly popular were pearls—both for funky daywear and elegant evening dress. It’s another sign that 2018 was all about expanding and experimenting, instead of being instead sticking with what you know.

White Pearl Cluster Necklace 

Other throwbacks from the past include big, funky earrings, and we enjoyed exploring the range of exciting new looks can brought about by having the courage to just get that little bit bolder. Another trend we were really happy to see back (and one that will hopefully continue far into the future) is chains, big or small, for every occasion.

Flat Snake Necklace

Chains are such a wonderful way to spice up and personalise an outfit. Whether you’re going for cool and chic, or elegant and classy, this versatile accessory will fit the bill. And it’s not just women either: there’s a wide-ranging of men’s chains and jewellery slowly coming into play, proving what we’ve always believed—that quality silver is not just for the girls. We were excited to expand our own selection of chains to include a wider range of different styles, expanding beyond the classic snake or curb. Remember: with dozens of styles to choose from, in a range of different thicknesses, metals and colours, you really should not be ignoring this potential new accessory.

Heavy 4.8 mm Figaro chain

So what your favourite trends of 2018? Anything that you are really glad to see back? Always interested to hear so please tell in the comments. Alternatively, pop by our Twitter (@HouseofSilver) to let the world know what you think!

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