Friday, February 22, 2019

Resources Link Roundup

No person's an island, and we at House of Silver know that better than anyone. Jewellery gives the most joy when it shared with other people who love it, and we want to do the same for you. So here's a comprehensive list of all our go-to jewellery resources — from directories, designers, blogs, and everything in between. Here are the people who have helped and inspired us and kept us going — and whom we hope will help and inspire you too.

This list is always being updated, so you won't have to worry about ever missing out on any new or exciting resources. WIth that said, sit back and enjoy!

Resources around us (in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter)

I've written before about people who'll try to trick you out of your money for low-quality jewellery. It's despicable, but people like these help preserve the integrity of the business -- and your jewellery box.

An invaluable institution for the nurturing of those early in their jewellery careers. We're proud to have an alumni of the Jewellery School among our staff at House of Silver, so I know how much of a difference this place can make in somebody's life.

Odds are, if you've even dipped your toe into the jewellery business, you've heard of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter -- and for good reason! World-famous home of hundreds of the best, it's well worth a visit.

Putting all the best of the Jewellery Quarter in print and delivery it right to your door, the Hockley Flier is part of the lifeblood of the BJQ community. Are you subscribed?


We'll be the first to admit we can't cover all the bases, but luckily we don't need to! These directories are treasure chests of indispensible links, businesses and everything you need to know about the jewellery trade. 

Jewellery Sites : Your guide to all things jewellery
Just Jewellery Directory

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