Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Blogger Rewards

Calling all bloggers, writers, and jewellery lovers!

Since we’ve become a more active part of the online jewellery community, we’ve come aware of all the different ways that bloggers and jewellery businesses work together to make our community a better place. That’s why we’ve put together this rewards list for all the hardworking bloggers out there, with things that you can do to take an active role in the industry, while at the same time snagging some brilliant deals and freebies for yourself at House of Silver.  By working with us, your readers can benefit from discount vouchers/codes and also FREE valuation service provided by our shop.

  • Link to us. It’s not much, but this sort of thing really helps — a simple "do follow" permanent link will do. And in return, will give you a special gift: you’ll get the same amount of credit at House of Silver as your DA (Domain Authority) score. How's that for a sweet deal?
  • Reviews: if you’re interested in any of our mouthwatering collection of solid Sterling silver jewellery, then this is an easy way to get your hands on some. Write a review for us and we will send you item of your choice for free! And if that’s not enough, you’ll also get an extra bonus on us: 2.5 times as much credit as your DA score.
  • Reviews plus competitions: all of the same terms as a simple review, but additionally, for this you get an extra item completely for free in order for you to run a competition on your blog. Competitions like this are a great way to generate traffic for your blog — and we'll be providing the prize at no cost for you. 
  • Spread the word: spread the word about this exclusive offer for bloggers so others can share the reward! If you link back to us, we'll give you 2 times the amount of credit as your DA score.

Those are just some of the simple ways to get access to all our exclusive deals and blogger rewards at https://www.houseofsilver.co.uk. If you're interested, simply pop us a line at info@houseofsilver.co.uk, and get ready to enjoy your rewards!

*To be eligible for the offer, your website's Domain Authority must be 25 or higher, or, have high number of visitors on your website..
**Reviews must include 'do follow' links and the website must be UK based.
*** Free items eligible for reviews and competitions must be under £25 original price.

1 comment:

  1. What a fantastic idea! Given my jewellery-obsessed nature, I'm pretty keen ;)
    I'd be really interested to learn a little more and get involved so I'll drop you an email shortly.


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