Monday, April 1, 2019

Puzzled with Autism campaign

Raising the awareness through jewellery

It is an awareness campaign run by House of Silver to raise  awareness about autism. Autism’s complexity and the difficulties of dealing with it in modern society can make it quite difficult for many people to handle, whether it’s themselves or a family member who is affected.

About us 

House of Silver is an online family run jewellery shop specialising in affordable Sterling silver jewellery. We are also passionate inclusive employers with our own dedicated autistic staff, and autistic family members. We want to help raise awareness of and fundraise for autism, and we are doing this through our very special Puzzled with Autism campaign.

We’re proud of being a family with autistic members as well as employees, and we want to let the world know that it’s not something to be ashamed of. And it’s not just a token for one day awareness of the year. Autistic people are here. They are valuable. And they are around us. We want everyone to remember that.

Puzzled with Autism Campaign: Autism Awareness Jewellery Collection

We are excited to launch a dedicated jewellery collection that was specially selected and crafted by our team of designers. The inspiration came with the idea that so many people get puzzled with the autism just because they are not aware of it. This collection aims to draw non-autistic people's attention and provide them with awareness as well as support autistic and their family members. We believe that jewellery is a powerful mean of spreading the word. The puzzle piece has been chosen as the main symbol for a number of reasons: it is international symbol, it has versatile meaning which can be personalised and most importantly it shows that autism is a part of the 'big picture' where all of us are interconnected. We have also included awareness ribbon and infinity symbol to acknowledge a variety of autism perceptions.

But what makes this collection particularly important?

With lots of awareness campaigns, they take up one day of the year — but we’re here to remind you that autism is for life, and that we should be proud about it. That’s why we’re creating our awareness symbols from solid Sterling silver, making signs that won’t just be thrown away after one day. Moreover, we want to emphasise that our items are all special and valuable in themselves—just like everyone with autism. We hope that with them, we can promote being proud about being autistic.

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  1. Such a wonderful campaign to run - beautiful designs and a generous way to both raise awareness and raise money for a very deserving charity   ♥
    Caz x


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