Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tree of Life Competition

Hello again, all! Sorry for the gap between posts, but things have been a little hectic over here with life and work. Speaking of work, one of the things I've been busy doing is putting together a brand new Tree of Life jewellery collection. Although I might be a little biased, I think there's some absolutely gorgeous stuff in there, and I've put together a giveaway that's a little more exciting than usual to celebrate.

I've said it before, but to me, the tree of life is the perfect symbol for spring. Whether or not you have any interest in its historical and mythical roots, it's hard not to be moved by the image of the great tree reaching up towards the blue sky. It celebrates the return of life and the goodness of nature--all the things that make spring my favourite season.

It's for this reason that the tree of life has always been so hugely popular in jewellery, but I'm a firm believer that there's always a new angle to be explored. Plus, right now is the perfect time to be emphasising the tree of life and what it means: not only is the world busy coming back to life around us, but current trends in fashion and lifestyle are all about getting back to nature. This message is even being spread by the royal family! Of course, we don't all have access to wild woods and rolling hills, but the tree of life is such a powerful symbol that I hope it will help bring some of nature back into your everyday, no matter where you are.

In this giveaway, you can pick the prize you want to win! Check out all the different prizes on offer and then just follow the instructions. Good luck!

Prize number one! This Tree of Life pendant leans into its roots even as its branches reach towards the sky. Blending into a mesmerising background of swirling, curling lines, it evokes traditional Celtic designs--the perfect way to pay tribute to the past while celebrating the future.

Prize number two:  Large Tree of Life pendant stands solid, on its massive trunk. It represents stability and celebrates above all the strength of the life.

Next up we have this contemporary Tree of Life necklace, a modern twist on an ancient style. Simple but striking, it makes a great centrepiece for evening wear, and its unique design makes it look like its weightlessly floating.

Finally, we have these gorgeous Tree of Life earrings. More playful and versatile than the necklaces above, they catch the sunlight on their polished surfaces and envigorate your look. But they're not limited to casual wear; combined with the matching necklace, they can make a sophisticated set for a formal night out.

*UPDATE:  We have a winner!  Our prize goes to the beautiful town Greenwich!  Congratulations Marie!  
And for those who didn't win:  here's my next competition Sterling silver Palm Tree giveaway! - a perfect gift for your summer holidays!

Sterling Silver Tree of Life Necklace/Earrings

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