Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Getting ready for summer giveaway

Hello, all! June is here, meaning holiday season is just on the horizon. I admit that I *might* be jumping the gun a little, but what can I say--I'm a traveller at heart, and the summer hols are what keep me going throughout the year.

Speaking of, in a few months I'm off to Portugal for a heavenly week under the blazing sun. I'm positively buzzing with excitement--and I admit, a large part of that is down to the propsect of getting out of this gloomy British weather! Anyway, I've never been to Portugal before, so if any of you have any tips about where to go and what to see, I am all ears. I'm determined to make this a holiday to remember, so please give me your help! And in return, I thought I'd make it worth your while with a super summer holiday-themed giveaway.

I also thought that my chosen prize would be quite appropriate for any early-bird planners and packers (like me!). I'm already thinking about what to take, and as always, jewellery is taking up a lot of my mind. Does anyone else find it tricky to know what to wear when you're dressing down for the beach? Classic beach accessories like sunglasses and hats are all well and good, but I know that I feel naked without any personal jewellery. Luckily, we recently started stocking the most darling summer-themed jewellery over at House of Silver (in a collection for your convenience!) and since I have Portugal on my mind, I thought I'd treat you all to some of my favourites from the bunch: palm trees.

This Palm Tree necklace is casual but cool, with shiny flat surface. It's an easy way to add some personal style to your beach ensemble!

A Palm Tree pendant is a slightly more sophisticated way of jazzing up your look while still maintaining the casual beach vibe--perfect for evening cocktails in the cabana.

Palm earrings are easily the most versatile form of jewellery. A step up from studs, these palm tree earrings are nonetheless small and simple enough, meaning they'll lend you style without getting in your way.

And finally Palm Tree earrings.  They dangle from round silver hoops and create 3D impression of dazzling tropics.

Giveaway rules are the same as last time--just follow the instructions below. Good luck--and remember to tell me in the comments about any of your holiday experiences or recommendations!

*To answer the question in the competition, follow the link above of your chosen prize and click on 'Specification' tab in the listing to reveal the code for the item.  Please, don't put code in comments!

  Sterling Silver Palm Tree Necklace or Earrings

End of Autumn Competition

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