Sunday, July 21, 2019

beach competition

Home again! I've just got back from the gorgeous Welsh coastline, where I went on a whirlwind trip over these past few days. Despite the jam-packed schedule and busy days, I had a wonderful time--and I luckily managed to escape to my favourite place once in a while: the beach.

Now I'm back, and in-between catching up with work and life, a part of me is still thinking about standing in the shallow surf, watching the sun set over the ocean. I was really worried because the weather over here has been far from ideal lately, but I needn't have worried. It might not have been Barbados, but my little Welsh holiday was pleasant enough. And it also reminded me that while I might love sunny sands and palm trees, they aren't the things that make the beach such a wonderful place. I don't know what I would pick as my favourite beach activity (there are so many and I love them all!) but each one is an essential part of the seaside experience. So this time round, my blog competition is made to celebrate all the much-loved beach pastimes of much closer to home. Pick your personal favourite as your prize!

As usual, just follow the instructions, and good luck!  And don't forget to check our latest deal for a chance to get FREE jewellery!

Who doesn't like to sail on the glorious blue sea? This Sterling silver sailing boat charm celebrates the sight of the wind swelling the sails.

Ahoy! Nothing says nautical life quite like the weighty anchor. This Sterling silver anchor charm is smaller and lighter, but just as romantic as its real-life counterpart.

She sells sea shells on the sea shore--but if you can't wait to hit the beach, here's a solid Sterling silver seashell charm that will last you all year round.

I could say something about the sheer majesty of sea turtles here--but instead, I'll admit that this adorable Sterling silver turtle charm always makes me think of Finding Nemo (anyone else love that film?).

*To answer the question in the competition, follow the link above of your chosen prize and click on 'Specification' tab in the listing to reveal the code for the item.  Please, don't put code in comments!

Sterling Silver Beach Charm Competition

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