Free Jewellery T&C

  • The offer is available to the residents of  Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia (please follow the link for more information regarding deliveries and delivery charges).
  • The amount of credit is depending on the popularity of the web site used for promotion.  
  • Some offers can include free delivery.  If not mentioned in the offer, then delivery charges are payable, unless shop is running free delivery event, or, the amount of order is grater than £25 in which case all UK postage are free.
  • The credit/discount code issued will be live for a week, unless stated otherwise.
  • The link must be permanent. In case of promoting competitions or other temporary events (promotions, etc.), the link must be live during that event.
  • The credit will be issued within 7 days after promotion.

Below are some ideas of what could be promoted about our shop:

End of Autumn Competition

Competition is now closed. Congratulations to the winner - Claire from Yorkshire! As usual, choose one prize from below and enjoy these ...